House Rules

Allowed Sources

Core Rulebook
Advanced Class Guide
Advanced Player’s Guide
Advanced Race Guide
Horror Adventures
Occult Adventures
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Equipment
Ultimate Intrigue
Ultimate Magic

Setting Sourcebooks
Inner Sea Combat
Inner Sea Gods
Inner Sea Magic
Inner Sea Races
Inner Sea World Guide
Strange Aeons Player’s Guide

Additionally, any other setting sourcebooks may be added on ad-hoc basis.

Character Creation

All characters begin the campaign at level 1 with half the maximum amount of starting gold for their class. New characters are created using the purchase method of Standard Fantasy – 15 points.

Each character may begin with one of the campaign traits listed in the Strange Aeons Player’s Guide.

Source Material

All classes, items, spells, feats, archetypes, etc… from listed sources will be available for characters in the campaign. Only additional rules listed in the campaign document will be included in play.


The expanded rules for fear on pps. 10 – 11 in Horror Adventures will be used in place of the standard rules presented in the PRD.

Sanity and Corruption

The additional rules for sanity and corruption in Horror Adventures will be used in the campaign.

Hero Points

The rules for hero points on pp. 322 of the Advanced Player’s Guide will be used in the campaign.

Health and Sanity

To add to the horror and suspense themes, a character’s current health and sanity will be kept secret and tracked by the DM.

Characters will always have a general idea of their level of physical health. A successful Heal check (DC 15) reveals more accurate information about their current status.

% of Max HP
100 – 90%: Scratched – superficial wounds, minor cuts and scrapes
70 – 89%: Moderate – deeper cuts and bruising, some bleeding, possible sprains
40 – 69%: Bloody – large wounds, major bleeding, both internal and external
15 – 39%: Severe – possible broken bones, debilitating injuries
0 – 9%: Critical – the character will most likely die if he takes another hit


After gaining sufficient experience for the next level, a character must have a full nights rest before it will take affect.

House Rules

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